Sourcework: King Leopold II and the Congo

Sourcework: King Leopold II and the Congo 1. Study Sources A and B. Does Source A prove that Leopold was lying in Source B? Explain your answer using details of the sources and your knowledge. 2. Study Sources C, D and E. Does Sources C and D make Source E surprising? Explain your answer using…

Martin Luther King, Jr: Head2Head Virtual Interview Relaunch

Over the Xmas holidays I completely re-coded and relaunched the popular “Head2Head Interview with MLK” which can be found here. The new version has an improved artificial intelligence engine and a modernised layout so that students appear to be having a text chat with the character on their mobile device.   (223 views)

England without a King: How should the country be governed?

After the execution of Charles I in 1649 England became a republic – a country without a King – and was called the ‘Commonwealth’ after the phrase ‘Common Weal’ or ordinary people. No-one had any experience of how to run the country, but there were several groups who had their own ideas… (160 views)