60 Tools in 60 Minutes

Here is my list of '60 Classroom Tools in 60 minutes' which I will be delivering at Bradford Grammar School.

If you need any further explanation of these or wish to contact me about anything else relating to this presentation, please use the feedback form or contact me on Twitter (@russeltarr).


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  1. Screenr: Instant screencasts direct from your browser
  2. MailVu: Record from webcam , email directly, all from the browser
  3. FilmOn: Record / Watch TV programmes from your browser (also see IPlayerAutomator)
  4. ssyoutube: Download YouTube Videos (sample)
  5. TubeChop allows you to easily chop a section from any YouTube video and share it
  6. Animoto (sample). Online video creation from images. Also see PhotoPeach, Stupeflix.


  1. Voacaroo: Record your voice online, get mp3 directly
  2. AudienceSounds: To spice up classroom debates, roleplays
  3. ListenToYouTube: Extract audio from YouTube Videos
  4. Soungle: Search engine for sound effects
  5. MoodStream: Soundtracks for your classroom
  6. Spotify: Build and share music playlists (sample)
  7. ClassicCat: Hundreds of copyright-free .mp3 tracks for use in Movie projects

Text and Essays

  1. Wordle (samples)
  2. Tagxedo (sample)
  3. TitanPad (sample)
  4. Padlet (sample)
  5. Wikispaces (sample)
  6. KeyWord Checker (sample)
  7. Plagiarizr
  8. Citation Generator

Personal Organisation, Classroom Management and Productivity

  1. TodaysMeet (sample)
  2. Google Alerts
  3. ClassDojo
  4. Feedly: Follow all your favourite blogs from one place
  5. DropBox: Sync your files across computers, share with a click
  6. Storify: Collate a newsboard of a social media conversation / links
  7. Dates for Schools
  8. Kahoot!
  9. Quizlet


  1. BlockPosters: Print off giant posters for classroom display (TIP: Use Google Image advanced search to get high-res images)
  2. MemeBetter: create memes for classroom display
  3. ThingLink: Annotate and share images (sample)
  4. Zoomify (sample)

Social Media / Google

  1. Twitter (also History teachers on Twitter, Getting started guide)
  2. Newsmap: Headlines around the world.
  3. Facebook Groups (also see Edmodo)
  4. Museum of Me: Creates exhibition from your Facebook profile
  5. Google Hangouts (plus quickstart guide)
  6. Google Books

Student Projects and Presentational Tools

  1. StripGenerator
  2. Piktochart: Create fantastic infographics
  3. Sliderocket
  4. Canva
  5. Blabberize
  6. Prezi (and sample)
  7. Popplet (sample)
  9. Popplet

  1. Fakebook (and gallery)
  2. Connect Fours
  3. Arcade Game Generator (sample)
  4. Random Name Picker
  5. QR Game Generator (sample)
  6. Mission MapQuest (sample)
  7. PowerSearch

Tarr's ToolBox

  1. Group Work Role Cards
  2. Hexagon Learning
  3. Silent Discussion Strategies
  4. Using the De Bono Approach
  5. Takeaway Homework


  1. Quiz buzzers
  2. Window pens
  3. Wireless Presenter


For History Teachers Only...

Source Repositories

  1. CartoonHub
  2. International Posters
  3. Mary Evans Picture Library
  4. History Today Archive
  5. German Propaganda Archive
  6. Seventeen Moments in Soviet History

Lesson Plans and Worksheets

  1. Facing History and Ourselves
  2. DocsTeach: From the National Archives
  3. History Explorer: From the Smithsonian
  4. The National Archives
  6. EdSiteMent
  7. Cold War Files


  1. Worst Jobs in History
  2. Internal Assessment / Extended Essay guidance
  3. Historiography and TOK
  4. Head2Head (sample)






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