The following testimonies were kindly submitted by classroom teachers who subscribe to ActiveHistory.

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"I thought I must tell you, that my IGCSE students have all got an A grade in History....and the credit goes to the help and guidance from you. The Paper 2 results were spectacular, all my kids got an A.
Thank you again for a super job on the worksheets and study plan!!"

Humera Ibrahim, Dubai

"Just to say THANK YOU once again. I love this website so much and so do my pupils. We don't have great ICT access in the school but the kids go home and do the interactive games on their own and then come and tell me about them. It makes so much difference when they are enthused and willing to learn. Also, thank you for taking the time to ensure real learning is provided. I am really excited about doing the unit on witchcraft for the first time and am particularly impressed with the sourcework questions. I use the same format but sometimes I don't have the time to prepare them for the little ones so it is incredible when they are here for me already. Soooo, thanks again! :)"

Rachel Loughery

"ActiveHistory should be compulsory for all teachers and students of history. It combines a range of learning and teaching ideas, worksheets and activities with innovative and truly inspiring use of ICT for learning. It challenges teachers to teach outside of their preferred style and engages learners in what can only accurately be described as 'stealth learning'. Games, quizzes, online lessons and much more besides, provide the context for history which is fun, progressive and cutting edge"

Paul Ryan, Haberdasher's Askes' Hatcham College, UK

"An excellent site - interactive, informative and interesting. It stretches the most able, while making the subject more accessible to some of the weaker pupils. It is constantly updated and provides a real wealth of material on a wide range of historical topics, not just the 'mainline' ones of 20th century dictators, though they too are excellently covered."

Simon Lemieux, Head of History, The Portsmouth Grammar School, England

"Active History has been used at PC across a wide range of year groups for three years now. It has brought history to life for many of our girls and has been enjoyed by both students and staff alike. Our girls historical learning journey has become much more fun through the use of such activities as 'interviewing Henry VIII' and Adolf Hitler and these sites have now been incorporated into our programmes of study. The interest and enthusiasm that these activities have generated have opened up the study of history in Upper School to many more students. We have also used the quotes section to much delight with many of our colleagues. The continual updating of the worksheets, tasks, games and interview data have made the site one which has kept up with the times and grown with the ever increasing technological development of the modern day school student. It is for us money very well spent and has been viewed enthusiastically by many other history teachers in Western Australia.

Tina Campbell - Perth College, Western Australia.

"ActiveHistory has been an excellent tool for me to use in motivating my World History students. My students love the games, simulations, and head to head interviews so much that they regularly vistit the website on their own time. ActiveHistory has enabled me to get more kids excited about World History class than I ever imagined. ActiveHistory will continue to be a big part of our social studies curriculum"

Kent Chezem, Covington High School, Covington, Indiana, USA

"ActiveHistory is an invaluable learning resource that my pupils use regularly. I like the fact that it can be used with all the age groups I teach. There is a huge range of variety and the ideas are well-received by pupils and older students alike. It is imaginative, challenging and fun - an ideal combination that helps to explain why History remains a popular subject on the school curriculum. I also find the materials for teachers useful when the time for choosing history as an option at 14 comes around."

Phil Ginnings, Ounsdale High School, Wombourne, Staffordshire, UK

"Active History engages pupils of all abilities; our high achievers love it as much as our supported pupils. Active History encourages less confident pupils to participate in discuss work while also motivating under achieving pupils to join in the learning activity. The learning materials prepared by Mr. Tarr are excellent. Active History supports and compliments my lessons in a stimulating and imaginative way. Mr. Tarr's teaching background is apparent in his work. He has developed materials with pupils' needs and learning aims in mind; while magically saving busy classroom practitioners time."

Linda K. Williams, Head of Humanities, Mossbourne Community Academy, UK

"I am the only AST for History in Staffordshire. A large part of my work is training teachers in the use of ICT in History lessons. I always heartily recommend ActiveHistory. The resources are superb and devised by a practicing History teacher (which really makes a difference!) at an extremely reasonable subscription rate. Many teachers I show the site to often pay the subscription themselves if the school has a particularly tight budget; they believe it is money well spent. In my opinion it is the best subscription site for History on the net - and I actually author for several other sites!"

Chris White (Mrs), Head of History, AST, The Friary School, Lichfield, England

"Learning By is the leading provider of online Christian schools for homeschoolers. Our state of the art curriculum is rich with multimedia that kids love. Active History's engaging products make learning fun. The historical figures talk and interact with students and bring history to life!"

Mimi Rothschild, CEO, Learning By Grace, Inc.

"The web based activities and the "Virtual Head2Head" interviews that provides for student learning brings history to life. The activities engage students and allow them to analyze history through a journey in "cyberspace". The students are intrigued by the technology and the novelty of actually "talking" with major historical figures like Henry VIII, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler. The activities and web quests that Mr. Tarr has created definitely enhance student learning and achievement".

Vincent A. Careswell, Lee's Summit West High School, MO 6406

"ActiveHistory provides an excellent resource for a fun and different way to learn history and more importantly to experience history. The Simulations and Interviews are unique and fun for my students which always help to spark interest in the subject of history. Plus the fact that it is a British website my students are able to experience a little bit of how history is taught outside of the States"

Phil Thomas, Centennial High School, Roswel,l Georgia, USA

"Every year my students rate the exercises they do from the ActiveHistory site as some of the most enjoyable and informative, and I hope to create a similar site that focuses on U.S. History. Russel Tarr knows how to engage students."

Michael Eckert Blair Academy: Blairstown, New Jersey, USA

"Creative, interactive, fun resources that challenge students at all levels. I highly recommend it to all history teachers! The site has become integral to my teaching, especially for sixth form. It is an easily navigable site for both teachers and students and has provided me with ideas and resources on many occasions. I will be continuing to subscribe and would recommend it to all secondary history teachers."

Kirsten Webber, Head of Humanities, Blyth Community College

"ActiveHistory is among the most useful online instructional tools that I have ever used in my history classes. The resources available on this site foster critical thinking skills in a manner that is often fun and engaging. My students have great fun interviewing Henry VIII and we use the many games (especially "Fling the Teacher") as review tools".

Keith Layman, Garnet Valley High School, Pennsylvania USA

"We have found our subscription to be of great value and have incorporated a number of the tasks into our schemes of work. We like particularly the interactive decision making activities such as the Charles I and the League of Nations tasks. Our pupils, determined to do as well as possible, often go back to do the task again to get a better score and, of course, going over the material again helps them to learn the material. They can also access the site from home through our extranet and use many of the game activities for fun in their own time. These are not gimmicks but genuine paths through the material. All of this promotes solid learning and the love of History".

Amanda Triccas, St Paul's Girls' School

"My students learn when History is made fun. ActiveHistory makes learning fun."

James Garrow. Head of History at Pennthorpe School, Sussex.

"I am very fond of your website. At the moment I am teaching a unit on Jack the Ripper and your worksheet pack together with the power point presentations are excellent. The objectives of the worksheets are transported in a way that raises students' curiosity and also helps them understand the Victorian era and its dark sides much better. The chapter on the Black Death is equally well-developed and again captures students' interest without omitting important historical concepts such as cause and consequence. This is a well-designed and user-friendly website with many useful links and activities".

Ute Ackermann Boeros, History Teacher, American Academy Larnaca, Cyprus

"ActiveHistory provides accessible menus with a wide range of activities for use individually or with whole classes. These provide great interest and variety for the students. Material is focused very much on the skills and knowledge required for examinations and a lot of 'fun' material on the site can be used as introductions to a topic or as revision. The site has been a great addition to my teaching material and has stimulated many ideas".

Toni Edwards

"Active History has helped make revision time a fun experience for all students of all abilities. The decision making activities has also been very useful in getting pupils to think and feel like the historical characters they have been studying. In short, an excellent resource".

Carl Newman, Str Edward's College, Liverpool

"A great site that is used on an almost daily basis. The student especially love the interactive chats and interview. The activities are well structured and the support materials for teachers are user friendly and obviously tried and tested by experienced teachers (unlike some educational resources/activities found on the web which seem to be created by less effective history teachers who now work in museums/ libraries/record offices and students cant access!)"

Rachel Branton, Leading Teacher Humanities Walton High Milton Keynes

"Activehistory has been great for inspiring staff and students in our dept. As new subscribers we have enjoyed burrowing into the site to find activities for all ages - in fact, our A Level teacher has found the material on the Tudors at AS level invaluable. I love the way the activities bring the subject to life - students relate to the topics we've studied as they see them on the screen, be it a Manic Miner game, Powerpoint or one of the great "fill the gaps" essays. Brilliant!"

Dave Boyd, Deputy Head, John Kyrle High School, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.

"Active History is an excellent site full of captivating activities and interesting History. We love to visit it and it contributes significantly to our teaching of and our learning about history".

Paul Drummond, Head of Humanities, Queens park Community School, UK

"We find ActiveHistory to be stimulating, informative and fun for our students. For example, the simulations of life in the trenches of World WarOne and the decisions facing a factory entrepreneur in the Industrial Revolution make them put themselves in the shoes of others, broadening understanding and imaginative experience of different situations in different times through empathy with the people involved at all levels, whether leaders or led. It is also of great use for marketing on open days, showing our use of IT in History in an exciting and accessible manner, and demonstarting how through history we can interact actively with the past - it brings this subject to life in a vibrant and relevant way".

Dr Robert Waller, Mrs Carol Payne , History Department, Greenacre School Banstead, UK

"Active History has been super in offering a different, enjoyable way to approach some key characters and issues in History. The students love the 'talking heads'. Activehistory has effecfively used the internet to achieve what we've wanted for years, the sharing of excellent resources, easily accessible, well written but adaptable".

Alan Rawcliffe

"There are many excellent websites to support the teaching of history in schools, but Active History offers some things which are distinctive; there is a degree of imagination and initiative in the nature of some of the activities, which require students to think carefully about the past. The site has provided a new generation of the historical simulations and decision making exercises which were so influential in popularising the use of computers in school history in the UK".

Terry Haydn

"Activehistory has enabled my History students to see that History is fun -they have been able to have an online conversation with Hitler and learn so much without realising it !!"

Helen Glynn Head of History St Ursulas High School, Bristol, UK

"I teach in the Falkland Islands, and Active History resources have helped me to provide students of all abilities with challenging and inspirational learning activities. In addition, I've found Active History to be the most accessible and enjoyable of all the school history sites available on the web: it really does make learning engaging and fun. Consequently, it's a bother that my history department budget doesn't extend as far as a subscription to Active History, because I know that Falkland Islands students would benefit from the opportunities it provides to learn history through ICT. On the other hand, for individual teachers like me, a subscription provides greater value for money than just about any other teaching resource".

Laurence Hicks, Falkland Islands

"A fantastic range of resources with imaginative and accessible material. Hard to live without"

Lindsay Garratt, Northampton School for Boys, UK

"Active History gives teachers more opportunity to bring History to life in the classroom, inspring our students to dig deeper and ask probing questions that allow them to have a more in-depth understanding of the subject, not to mention the sheer enjoyment of the head to heads and other activities"

Lee Barrett, St John the Baptist School Woking, UK

"The website is clearly designed, very colourful and appealing to pupils. It is constantly updated with new activities or improvements to old favourites and it is very easy to navigate. There are so many great activities which I have used over the last three years. Some of my pupils` favourites are the Head2Head interviews; the Battle for the throne in 1066; Life in the Trenches and the Home Front in World War II. The games on the site make excellent starters and plenaries , especially being able to Fling the Teacher. Russel Tarr has really thought about the Activities, they never have glitches, they really appeal to the pupils and they always lead to a good piece of work at the end. I currently have some excellent "Hello" magazine articles about Henry VIII on my classroom wall!"

Christine Hudson, Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School, UK

"ActiveHistory inspires students, it brings together their understanding to engage with the subject at a deeper level, aids revision and is a godsend for planning for overstretched teachers!"

Allie Weaver, Head of History, Twynham School, UK

"Active history adopts a tongue in cheek delivery for many of the online activities which the students love. For them, it makes such a refreshing change from the seriousness of many History sites. But within that, there is some really original teaching and learning going on, using a range of really strong primary sources and some great web links. Of course, students jump at the chance to interview charchters from History, although the questions asked can sometimes be a little personal!"

Clare Edwards, Teacher of History, Blatchington Mill School, Hove, UK

"Active History is a gold mine of great ideas and activities for the teaching of history. It makes it exciting and also challenges pupils to think for themselves. The games are a great way to provide educational but fun activities in stressful times before examinations".

Carolyn Stammers, South Wiltshire Grammar School for Girls.

"Active History allows the user to get right up close to history. It enthuses previously "bored" pupils and allows them to make the vital connections whilst learning the facts. Active History is one of the reasons why our numbers are growing in KS4 History. Russell Tarr is a great asset to all History teachers and should be kept
under lock and key. Safely away from others"

KK.Baish, South Holderness Technical College, UK

"ActiveHistory and an interactive whiteboard allows us to teach in the way that we know we should be teaching…with starters, quizzes and interactive exercises allowing the students to engaging with activites in a lively and involving way…my Year 9s love the Manic Miner games…and strive to get on the highest scores board barely aware that they are learning history along the way….This is a great site"

Gill Power, Sanders draper School, Hornchurch, UK

"It does what it says on the tin! This site has been invaluable in helping me to provide historically accurate, challenging and enjoyable learning opportunities for my students."

Sarah Butterworth , Nower Hill High School, UK

"I have really enjoyed using activehistory to enhance the learning of my pupils. They especially like the interview activities where they get to interview the likes of Hitler and Henry VIII!!"

Debbie Byles, Alderman Blaxill School

"Active history engages pupils of all ability levels. The activities are thorough and accurate. My pupils just love to get on the games - a great incentive to get the set task finished!"

Melanie Millington (Aston Fields Middle School)

"I think ActiveHistory is a great educational tool for students to use in the classroom. I have used the WW I Trench Warfare simulation and the Stock Market Crash Simulation. The students seem to enjoy engaging in both and get mad when they lose all their money in the Stock Market Crash, which is the purpose as I see it. I also like that worksheets and study guides have already been supplied for the students to use. This gives teachers the ability to spend more time on planning other creative assignments for their students. I have used the talking heads in class and I am going to develop a lesson for students to use with partners or in small groups. This summer I am going to spend time developing more lessons that integrate lessons and simulations from ActiveHistory. Thank you for putting together great educational activities which actively engage students in their learning".

Matt Jones, Ilinois, USA

"This site is by far the best example of how IT can be used to support the teaching of History. The range is amazing: it provides me with ideas for A level lessons; it can even be used to deliver an A Level lesson (very useful if you have to leave cover). It has materials for GCSE and KS3. A teacher instantly recognises that it is designed by a practising teacher because it offers students activities that they can cope with at their own level. The "head-to-head" interviews are highly entertaining. Watching a class of not very motivated Year 11 boys get engrossed in the Hitler interview is an enjoyable experience. Once they are hooked by that, they can be led on to more useful and challenging activities. The range of activities is one of the main reasons why we return to this site. There are activities which can be used as "add-ons" to extend students at the end of the lesson; there is material which is good for AS and A2 consolidation. We have even persuaded our IT manager, who puts a block on students downloading games, that he should exempt this site. The subscription rate is affordable, unlike other sites who charge a great deal more and offer a great deal less"

Susanne Moreton, St. Edward's School, Poole.

"A fantastic teaching resource which my classes absolutely love. It's particularly useful in bringing to life potentially difficult or dull topics such as the League of Nations or the Liberal Reforms with its simulation games."

Mrs. Sara Hobbs, Head of History, The King's School, Gloucester, UK

"Excellent website which brings lessons to life, and enhances teaching and learning".

Alan Riley, Head of Humanities, Towneley High School, Burnley.

"The department especially values the material on 16th century Europe and England. This is not covered by other websites and Active History provides a wealth of activities in these areas".

Neil, Chesham High, UK

"We use the active history website for the Jack the Ripper scheme of work in Year 9. It is excellent at raising interest in a dynamic topic with the students. The girls love the gory details. The resources in this section are very good at developing source skills and the questions posed in the end of unit assessment are in the style of GCSE. It has encouraged the use of GCSE type questions lower down in KS3 in order to support students more thoroughly".

Elisabeth Cross, Hod History at Wallington School, UK

"Active History provides pupils with many ICT opportunities that are not always otherwise available. One paricularly useful programme allows pupils to study political cartoons. The AQA GCSE History exam includes the evaluation of political cartoons which many lower ability pupils find difficult to understand. The resource available on Active History allows pupils to interact with these cartoons and provokes thought about each section. An excellent resource that is superb value for money and which the department, nor the pupils, would be without!"

Suzie Harmer

"My students really respond to the interactive games I usually use to review or wrap up a topic. My personal favorite is the Life in the Trenches, probably because my grandfather fought in that war. The game has wonderful details about the war and how it affected the everyday soldier. This is not a topic that my students generally have much pre-knowledge about so I like to do it in as much detail as possible".

Lori Hill, Trico High School, Southern Illinois, USA

"I have subscribed to ActiveHistory for the last two years, and definitely plan to renew my subscription once again. It is a valuable resource and provides a multitude of interesting and inventive activities. Students particularly like the 'talking heads'. Hours of fun, and learning of course!!!"

Emma Wyatt St. Katherine's School, Pill, Bristol.

"Active history is a great resource, the activities grips students' imagination in a way that a textbook never could. 'Head to Head' interviews are a fantastic asset when trying to motivate the unwilling. As a department we feel the activities on active history like 'undercover in Nazi Germany' strike the right balance between fun and challenge, a balance that many commercially produced materials lack"

Diane Crossley Head of History , Gleed Girls' technology college, Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK

"Active History is the best educational site for History that we have come across. There is such a wide range of material both in terms of the key stages addressed and in the variety of interactive activities for the students. It is also an invaluable resource for teachers with many downloadable PowerPoint presentations or worksheets".

Rosemary de la Bedoyere Kesteven and Sleaford Grammar School, UK

"The great thing about 'ActiveHistory' is that it gets students and teachers alike thinking imaginatively about the subject. The wide range of activities on the site really does force you to get personally involved in the controversies of the past and to make informed judgments. As a teaching and studying tool it's second to none".

Patrick Scanlan, Head of History, King's College, Taunton, UK

"We are only too happy to be able to give a mighty endorsement to ActiveHistory. It is a wonderful way of getting staff and pupils to consolidate historical skills as well as ICT skills. all too often when pupils go to the computer network they only perfect ICT. Activehistory never loses sight of the fact that we are in the business of getting pupils to use historical skills of enquiry and research, decision making and evaluation. Pupils in all key stages can find useful tasks to engage with as well as having fun with the interactive games. The games are ingenious and pupils often fail to realise they are having fun doing revision tests of essential key facts and taking responsibility for their own learning. I have recommended the site to every history teacher I meet"

Dr.Carol Fulton, Head of History and Politics Wallace High, Lisburm, Northern Ireland.


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