IB Induction – WW2 Trivia Challenge

As part of the IB Induction Project outlined here, I have uploaded a ‘trivia challenge’ which I use within the opening assembly: [student version | teacher answers].

Infographic challenge: Apartheid in statistics

Infographic challenge: Apartheid in statistics “The impact of apartheid on black South Africans is difficult to comprehend. Your task is to take these essential statistics about apartheid and then convert them into an “info graphic” (for example, using a tool like Piktochart, Canva, Infogr.am or similar.” Part of the complete scheme of work to support…

“Leaderboard Challenge” for ‘Fling the Teacher’

During revision time I start every lesson with a ‘Fling the Teacher’ quiz on the topic to be covered in that lesson. Prior to the lesson, I warn students what the topic will be so they can revise. At the start of the lesson, I outline the main task for the lesson so they know…

Challenge Grid

A simple twist on a factual test. Colour code different questions in a grid by difficulty. Students choose which questions to answer in the time available and get scored accordingly. An idea originally shared by @MsLiddell.    

“Keyword Challenge” revision game

Overview: This is a simple game which is a great way of rounding off a unit and revising important dates, concepts and people. It is particularly effective just before students have to produce some written work making effective use of key terms. Instructions Put students into teams of 4 or 5. The first member of the…