SMS Generator: Create an imagined text conversation between two characters

Create an imagined text conversation between two characters In order to highlight the differing viewpoints of two historical characters, or to consider more closely the relationship between them, produce an imaginary dialogue between them in the form of a text-message conversation. Start by asking students to identity some of the central dramatic moments within the…

Create a Xmas (his)Tree for your classroom!

Here is a festive list of Christmas-themed History lessons for all secondary school year groups! You can also download this new set of 25 ‘baubles’ of historical events that took place over the Christmas season to make your very own Xmas (his)Tree!

Create a “Fakebook” Profile for a key character

When researching a key character, students could frame and present their findings by creating a fake “Facebook” profile using the Fakebook application at ClassTools. Using this tool, students can create a timeline of a person’s life, written in the first person and in the present tense (to help prevent ‘cut and paste’ syndrome). They can…

“Create a Google Doodle to represent our topic”

At the close of a topic or as a revision exercise, ask students to design their own ‘Google Doodle’ to represent the essence of the subject. What symbols, colours, terms could they use? This is an idea from @littlestobbsy on Twitter.

Create a Subject-Themed Spotify Jukebox

I am a big fan of using music in my lessons. Sometimes this is simply some quiet classical music to help create a calm working atmosphere, sometimes though it is great to have subject-related songs playing as students come into the room or to provide some stimulating source material (e.g. by analysing the lyrics). I…

Create Bookmarks as Rewards

I designed a range of subject-themed bookmarks using an image editing program. I then printed these off in colour, laminated them and cut them out to give out to students as prizes for good work. They went down a treat! You can download my history-themed bookmarks, which look something like this:

Create a tweet for a fictional/historical character

The “Twister” template allows you to create fictional “status updates” that can then be printed off for display purposes. Students could be asked What are the most important people in this topic? What was their most important moment within the topic? What would their comment be about it? What particular keywords would they use within…