Calendar of Historical Anniversaries: 2020-2021

*NEW* Free download – Calendar of Historical Anniversaries: 2020-2021 I’ve just finished work on my new calendar for the coming academic year. It contains some of the most important forthcoming historical anniversaries and memorial days to help you with lesson planning and assemblies. You can download your copy here by following this link.

ActiveHistory is now FLASH FREE!

After updating the Battle of Hastings Simulation, and following on from the update to Fling the Teacher, I think(!) that there are now no Flash features left on the website. This is in response to the fact that as from next year no major browsers will continue to support Flash for security reasons. If you…

Model Answers: Weimar Germany, 1918-34 [free]

Weimar Germany, 1918-34 [free] a. What were the main features of the Weimar Constitution? b. Why did the Weimar Republic face difficulties in 1923? c. How successful was the Republic between 1924-1928? One of many sets of model answers for IGCSE History (CIE) that can be accessed here:

Model Answers: Peace Treaties after World War One [free]

Peace Treaties after World War One [free] a. What did Wilson hope to achieve from the peace settlement of 1919-20? b. Why did Clemenceau and Lloyd George disagree over how to treat Germany? c. “The Treaty of Versailles was a fair settlement”. How far do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer. One of…