Model Answers: Weimar Germany, 1918-34 [free]

Weimar Germany, 1918-34 [free] a. What were the main features of the Weimar Constitution? b. Why did the Weimar Republic face difficulties in 1923? c. How successful was the Republic between 1924-1928? One of many sets of model answers for IGCSE History (CIE) that can be accessed here: (83 views)

Model Answers: Peace Treaties after World War One [free]

Peace Treaties after World War One [free] a. What did Wilson hope to achieve from the peace settlement of 1919-20? b. Why did Clemenceau and Lloyd George disagree over how to treat Germany? c. “The Treaty of Versailles was a fair settlement”. How far do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer. One of…