Calendar of Historical Anniversaries: 2020-2021

*NEW* Free download – Calendar of Historical Anniversaries: 2020-2021 I’ve just finished work on my new calendar for the coming academic year. It contains some of the most important forthcoming historical anniversaries and memorial days to help you with lesson planning and assemblies. You can download your copy here by following this link.

Calendar of Historical Anniversaries, 2019-2020

Calendar for Educators, 2019-2020 The following project developed from my “History in the News” facility which I also recommend you look at. 1. Here is a FREE printable calendar providing notable anniversaries (multiples of 50 years only) for research, discussion, assemblies and personal projects. Ideas for student tasks: Choose one event to research further and…

Who is your historical hero?

I have updated this popular project with some several more illustrative examples and a link to the Amazon store where you can purchase cardboard cubes to allow your students to make more professional “History Cubes”!

Printable Calendar of Historical Anniversaries 2017-2018

Printable Calendar of Historical Anniversaries 2017-2018! I’ve now finished work on my classroom calendar of notable anniversaries for the forthcoming school year, which you can download by following the link. I’ve also added a facility so you can search for your own alternative events too.

Who is your Historical Hero?

I have updated the “Who is your historical hero?” study unit to make use of the ‘Knowledge Cubes’ approach which I outline in more detail at Tarr’s Toolbox.

Cold War – Historical Context, 1917-39

Historical Context, 1917-39 Students are presented with a detailed, interactive timeline of events and two key questions for consideration: 1: Was the Nazi-Soviet Pact proof that the West were right to distrust Stalin all along, or was it the direct and unfortunate result of that distrust? 2: Based on Question 1, who was therefore more…