Historiography of the Berlin Blockade

Historiography of the Berlin Blockade Students are presented with a detailed article about the causes and consequences of the Berlin Blockade and a series of structured questions to help familiarise them with some of the key debates and interpretations. Part of the “Origins of the Cold War” Unit

October Revolution: Historiography and Primary Sources

C. Was the October Revolution a coup d’etat or a popular uprising? Primary / Secondary Source Material As the next phase of the investigation, students read through a series of selected primary and secondary accounts of the events of October 1917 and decide where each can be used, and which quotes are best to include….

Cold War Historiography – comparisons and contrasts worksheet

Cold War Historiography “How would each school of historians assess the respective role of military, economic and political factors in causing the Cold War? How would you complete the final columns?” Part of the comprehensive Origins of the Cold War Unit.