IB History Internal Assessments – sample studies

Here are a selection of IB History Internal Assessment studies from the International School of Toulouse that were graded highly in May 2017 (marks shown are those awarded after moderation by the IBO).   (223 views)

Recommended Films for the History Classroom

Recommended History VIDEO | (see also podcasts and books) I have updated this searchable directory of useful films for the history classroom with 50 new entries based on some of the most recent feature films released in the past couple of years. (169 views)

Spotify Jukebox – Songs for the History Classroom

Spotify Jukebox for the History Classroom I have updated this resources with several new playlists and lots of new songs. If you already have Spotify, open it up before trying to play tracks. If you don’t have Spotify you will be prompted to install it on your system. See also: Blogpost – 50+ Essential Songs for the…

“History in your pocket”: Coins as sources

Overview This great idea was developed from an idea shared by @histHartford. This photo comes from Mr. Atkinson (@AtkoHistory) and was shared to the #historyteacher hashtag on Twitter by @EllenWicks: Taking it further Students should be encouraged to bring in coins and banknotes from their foreign travels at the start of the Autumn term. This…