Image Hotspot Generator

Here’s a new Image Hotspot Generator at which I’ve created to allow you to quickly annotate images and embed them in your website or blog.

Image Reveal Tool

A new classroom resource I’ve launched over at

New Generator: Online Image Annotation Tool!

I’ve just finished coding a new online image annotation tool over at which allows you to quickly label images (e.g. political cartoons, works of art, historical photographs) with ‘hotspots’ and then save your work to the server / embed it into your own blog or website.

Image Wipe

Provide students with an image with key details partly obscured. Ask them to anticipate what might be going on, when and where it comes from, and any other relevant questions (see image slideshow for ideas). Then uncover the image and ask them the same questions again. Finally, ask them to speculate about what happened before /…

Students design a cover image for their topic packs

Overview: When you provide your students with a printed work pack, or even if they have their topic notes in a ring binder with separators, ask them to decide upon an appropriate cover image with an explanation of its relevance directly underneath. The image here shows examples from my Year 10 students, who produced front…