Introduction to the Silk Roads

Introduction to the Silk Roads “Watch the TEDEd video (below) as a class. Then, go through the written account (overleaf) and see how many of the missing words you are able to fill in. Next, highlight any words in the account that you do not know. Afterwards, discuss these words together and produce a list…

Introduction to Racism: An introduction to Rights and Protest

Racism – A (provocative!) introduction to “Rights and Protest” Before starting study for the IB Sourcework Paper “Rights and Protest” I like to get students thinking about the concept of racism and its expression in the 21st century. By doing this, I hope to challenge them out of the complacent view that modern Western society…

President Johnson – An Introduction to “LBJ”

LBJ: An Introduction In this engaging task, students are given an overview of LBJ and his famous ‘treatment’, along with video clip links and an extract from an acclaimed biography of the President. From this they are encouraged to identify five key aspects of the “Johnson Treatment” and substantiate each with an extract from the…

JFK: Introduction and Overview

JFK: Introduction and Overview Students are provided with a teacher-led lecture based around the following image and make notes in this worksheet. Part of the new study unit on The Foreign Policy of President Kennedy (121 views)

Introduction to Eisenhower and the “New Look” National Security Policy

Introduction to Eisenhower and the “New Look” National Security Policy “Using the information provided here, and your existing knowledge of Truman’s foreign policy, to answer this question: In what ways did Eisenhower’s ‘New Look’ differ from the foreign policy of President Truman?” (131 views)