Google Earth Interactive Tour: three key Silk Road explorers

Google Earth Interactive Tour: three key explorers Using an interactive Google Earth Tour, students develop their understanding of the three key explorers by following their footsteps and learning about their adventures and use what they learn to complete this worksheet. Part of the new “Silk Roads”  unit at ActiveHistory.

Three key Silk Road explorers: European, African and Asian

Three key explorers: European, African and Asian “During a period of only 150 years, the travels of three remarkable explorers – one European, one African, and one Asian – expanded our understanding of vast parts of the world. Start by reading the three biographies and watching the video clips that go along with each for…

Student bookmark: Key vocabulary for essay writing

Overview I have designed the following bookmark in order to help students use a richer range of vocabulary to express their ideas more clearly in essays: Sets of these bookmarks can be printed off, laminated, cut out, and then shared with students to keep in their planners or textbooks. Download Student bookmark: vocabulary for essay writing

“Linkage Bingo” to summarise and connect key factors

This whole-class game is a great way firstly to summarise issues of cause or effect, and then (most importantly and most challengingly) to link them together in a meaningful way prior to students producing a written essay. The class will be divided into 5 teams and one piece of scrap paper to jot down ideas….

Create a “Fakebook” Profile for a key character

When researching a key character, students could frame and present their findings by creating a fake “Facebook” profile using the Fakebook application at ClassTools. Using this tool, students can create a timeline of a person’s life, written in the first person and in the present tense (to help prevent ‘cut and paste’ syndrome). They can…