The Camp David Agreement | Teacher Presentation

The Camp David Agreement | Teacher Presentation “The stalemate which resulted from the Yom Kippur war produced a balance of power between the two sides that made genuine compromise possible. Conduct your own research on each of these questions. Your teacher will lead a feedback session using a PowerPoint presentation afterwards”.

Multimedia Presentation: Gorbachev’s Rule

A presentation to provide feedback on the main activity on this page. Each slide outlines what Gorbachev actually did, and is followed by a video clip from which students can take additional notes.

ActiveHistory Online Presentation – League in the 1920s

ActiveHistory Online Presentation In this classroom roleplay exercise, students are divided into teams of four (idealists and pragmatists) and 11 students are also given a particular country to represent. We then go through each of the major border disputes of the 1920s hearing the arguments on both sides, reaching a decided course of action, then…

IB Induction Project – Assembly Presentation

As part of the cross-curricular IB Induction project outlined here, I have uploaded my own personal assembly presentation and presenter notes. Assembly (based around this PowerPoint presentation and these presenter notes)