Factual Test based on the introductory civil rights lecture

Factual Test based on the introductory civil rights lecture 15 questions testing student understanding from the lecture – The Big Picture: A multimedia presentation of race in American history since the Declaration of Independence Part of the Civil Rights unit at ActiveHistory.  

Factual Test: Changes in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s

25-question factual test This test (complete with teacher answer sheet) can be used to confirm that students have taken detailed and effective notes on the topic. Part of the scheme of work: In what ways, for what reasons, and with what results, did the Civil Rights movement become more radical after 1964?

Introduction to Racism: An introduction to Rights and Protest

Racism – A (provocative!) introduction to “Rights and Protest” Before starting study for the IB Sourcework Paper “Rights and Protest” I like to get students thinking about the concept of racism and its expression in the 21st century. By doing this, I hope to challenge them out of the complacent view that modern Western society…

Comprehensive Summary Sheet for Revision: The Civil Rights Movement to 1965

Comprehensive Summary Sheet for Revision: The Civil Rights Movement to 1965 A thorough and essential revision aid over several pages. Suggested tasks: People: Decide upon the most important individuals in the civil rights movement (highlighted in yellow). Divide these between the class to research further, then conduct a classroom balloon debate to determine the overall…

Rights and Protest Sourcework Sample: The Rivonia Trial

The following materials are designed to provide teachers and students with practice sourework exercises for the “Rights and Protest” topic in the IB History examination. The Rivonia Trial: Did Mandela’s decision to abandon nonviolence do more harm than good? Complete sourcework exercise in the style of IB, with model answers provided.

Civil Rights Campaign 1964, Freedom Summer

Campaign 1964: Freedom Summer | Teacher notes “The 1964 Freedom Summer was a 10-week campaign in Mississippi designed to increase the amount of black people registered to vote…Listen to (or read) Fanie Lou Hamer’s “I Question America” speech and make notes on the sorts of injustices she and her people have suffered already and which she uses…

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Legislation 1964: The Civil Rights Act The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is significant because it made the protection of civil rights the responsibility of the federal government, and removed the rights of individual states to make their own exceptions to these…Watch the video clip and make detailed notes on the main provisions of the…