Task: Display Work Commemorating the Sacrifice of the Old Wulfrunians.

105 men from Wolverhampton Grammar School died in World War One.

Your task is to produce an obituary for just one of those men using Microsoft Publisher or a similar desktop publishing package.

You should include a photograph of the dead man, and a title which reads "In memory of an Old Boy of Wolverhampton Grammar School who died in World War One named..." and add their name.

The piece should then be written in three paragraphs following this format:

Suggested sources:
(a) An outline of their life and death For this, use the Online Obituaries on this site
(b) Details of the battles / places they fought in For this, use the Commonwealth War Graves Searchable Database. By searching for your chosen character, you will be given essential extra military information
(e) Details of the sorts of conditions they would have had to endure, using any sources available to you. For this, use the World War One Summary Pages from ActiveHistory