The following table lists all those men killed in World War One who attended Wolverhampton Grammar School. By clicking on those names highlighted in red, you can read the original obituaries from the school magazine, the "Wulfrunian".

Armitage, D.W.

Cresswell, E.A.

Hinton, J.A.

Moore, A.W.

Thom, R.

Armitage, F.R.

Cullwick, C.M.

Hoole, L.A.

Morgan, P.J.

Thorne, G.S.

Baker, T.

Davies, K.

Hoole, R.H.

Morton, J.L.M.

Thorne, H.U.H.

Barker, J.

Down, R.H.

Howell, G.H.

Mould. H.G.

Underwood, G.P.

Barnett, W.R.

Duddell, A.L.

Hunt, F.H.W.

Murphy, G.

Veitch, A.G.


Ecclestone, E.

Hunt, S.A.

Nokes, W.H.




Hurdman, C.

Page, R.

Walker, J.

Bendall, E.A.

Edwards, E.W.

Job, B.C.K.

Phipps, R.P.

Walters, H.

Bigwood, A.C.V.

Fellows, A.S.


Piper, H.

Walters, J.

Birch, P.G.

Furniss, K.R.

Kendrick, H.M.

Rice, E.G.

Walton, F.M.

Boswell, C.G.


Lawson, L.

Robinson, N.J.

Warner, A.F.


Goodyear, H.

Lewis, R.

Shaw, L.G.

Webb, D.S.

Castle, S.

Griffiths, H.S.L.

Littlehales, E.

Silvers, F.P.

West, E.A.

Caswell, C.G.

Groves, J.K.

Lloyd Parton, N.

Sims, C.E.



Groves, W.N.

Lovatt, J.A.

Sims, L.A.

Whitehouse, H.

Christian, E.C.

Hall, H.G.

Lowder, N.R.

Smith, S.P.

Wilkes, N.B.

Cole, L.B.

Hall, H.K.

Lowe, W.N.

Smith, S.P.

Wilkinson, G.B.

Colley, T.L.V.

Harris, S.C.

Malet, F.L.

Summers, H.

Willcock, F.N.

Court, W.

Haworth, T.E.C.

Mandeville, P.

Swallow, J.R.

Willcock, R.C.

Craddock, V.


Mathie, W.S.

Sweeting, A.E.

Winter, A.

Craddock, V.J.E.

Hewitson, B.V.B.

Molineaux, A.W.S.

Tatton, J.M.

Yeatman, J.F.