Drake’s Circumnavigation: Google Earth Flyover

I have just put the finishing touches to a Google Earth Flyover of Sir Francis Drake’s Circumnavigation of the Globe. The activity comes complete with 6 worksheets which you can pick and choose from to use with your classes: 1. Structured Questions about Drake’s Circumnavigation Students answer a series of questions based around a viewing…

Running Dictation Exericse: The Siege of Constantinople, 1453

Perhaps the defining reason why the Renaissance took off in Italy, the Siege of Constantinople is also a great story. This activity gets the narrative across in a suitably exciting way. Complete with suggested classroom / homework activities. (530 views)

Key Stage 3 History Skills – PowerPoints

Two excellent PowerPoint Presentations for use in the history classroom generously donated to ACTIVEHISTORY by Mr. Richard Fitzsimmons: Communication at KS3 What is Chronology? (2151 views)

Head2Head with Henry VIII – Major update

The Head2Head Interview with King Henry VIII has now been updated with a custom-made 3D face. Many thanks to subscribers for enabling me to pay OddCast, the American software corporation, to design this great new addition to the site. I hope the kids enjoy it! (1124 views)

SPLAT the Tudor!

A brand new version of the popular game, now with a high score board – can you get onto the Hall of Fame with your historical knowledge? (466 views)

Witchcraft in Tudor Times

Witchcraft PowerPoint Presentation uploaded to accompany the A classroom witch trial! (1423 views)

The Tudor Portrait Mystery

Added Flash elements to the Tudor Portrait Mystery – a ‘zoomable’ image is now featured. (612 views)

Play Your Dates Right: Dating Game

Play Your Dates Right Code updated do that all the timelines can be printed off for revision prior to taking the quizzes. (537 views)

Time Machine Journey to Renaissance Florence

;Decision-Making Game: Time Machine Journey to Renaissance Florence A major new decision-making game: journey around the landscape of Renaissance Florence learning about the key events, characters and concepts of the period. Complete with a choice of four differentiated worksheets and a follow-up wordshoot quiz. (1552 views)