The Treaty of Sevres [1]: The Middle East

The Treaty of Sevres [1]: The Middle East | teacher answer sheet
Students learn about the conflicting promises made by the British in the Middle East during World War One, and then tackle this: “It is now 1919. You are Prime Minister David Lloyd George, about to head off for the Paris Peace Conference. Complete this official statement on British plans for the Middle East of no more than 150 words, designed to satisfy the Arabs, the French and the Jews. Your teacher will show you what he actually decided afterwards”.

Part of the comprehensive study unit on the Peace Treaties after World War One.


SIMULATION – The Treaties of Sevres and Lausanne: How successfully did Lloyd George handle Turkey?

Treaty of Sevres and LausanneThe Treaties of Sevres and Lausanne [2]: The Near East – How successfully did Lloyd George handle Turkey after World War One? [interactive]
“In this simulation you will take on the role of an advisor to the British Prime Minister, David Lloyd George. You will be asked how you think he should handle the Ottoman Empire after World War One. You will also be asked factual questions to test your knowledge. Think carefully about each of your responses”


How important was the role of women in the Civil Rights movement? – source work

A new source work assignment, complete with model answers, for the following questions.

1a. According to Source A, why was the success of the Little Rock Campaign still not assured? [3 marks]

1b. What is the message conveyed by Source B? [2 marks]

2. With reference to its origin, purpose and content, analyse the value and limitations of Source C for a historian studying the divisions in the civil rights movement that were starting to appear by the mid 1960s. [4 marks]

3. Compare and contrast what Sources B and D reveal about the experiences of black women in the segregated south. [6 marks]

4. Using the sources and your own knowledge, evaluate the view that “The role of women in the civil rights struggle was crucial for the success of the movement”. [9 marks]


Rights and Protest Sourcework Sample: The Rivonia Trial

The following materials are designed to provide teachers and students with practice sourework exercises for the “Rights and Protest” topic in the IB History examination.

The Rivonia Trial: Did Mandela’s decision to abandon nonviolence do more harm than good?

Complete sourcework exercise in the style of IB, with model answers provided.


Model Essay: “Analyse the successes and failures of Nixon’s domestic policies”

Model Essay: “Analyse the successes and failures of Nixon’s domestic policies”
A timed essay that I wrote in exam conditions to share with students for revision and discussion.

Part of the Nixon’s Administration scheme of work.