“Image Revealer”

I have completely recoded and relaunched this “image revealer” template so that you can now save your image / tile configuration ad get a unique URL to embed in your website!

US withdrawal from Afghanistan – FREE topical lessons

US withdrawal from Afghanistan – FREE topical lessons I’ve put together a couple of activities to help students understand what’s been going on in Afghanistan recently and how the West should now rethink its policy there. They’re primarily designed for my 15-16 year old form group rather than my IB Historians but they could be…

Online Dice Roller

Online Dice Roller Add up to six dice to roll for classroom games and activities. Let me know if you have any feature requests!

Tarsia Puzzle Generator

*NEW* Tarsia Puzzle Generator! I’ve been working on a new template at ClassTools.net which allows you to quickly create Tarsia jigsaw puzzles for your classes. Hope you find it useful – let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements and I’ll see what I can do!

New Generator: Online Image Annotation Tool!

I’ve just finished coding a new online image annotation tool over at www.classtools.net which allows you to quickly label images (e.g. political cartoons, works of art, historical photographs) with ‘hotspots’ and then save your work to the server / embed it into your own blog or website.

Voyages of Discovery Simulation: Updated and Improved

I have updated my new “Voyages of Discovery” simulation in response to user feedback to include more locations, additional varied tasks, and fresh information about West African Empires in the Middle Ages / Early Modern period to complement the current focus on Asian and European History. It’s now a pretty comprehensive simulation which I hope…

Model Answers: Weimar Germany, 1918-34 [free]

Weimar Germany, 1918-34 [free] a. What were the main features of the Weimar Constitution? b. Why did the Weimar Republic face difficulties in 1923? c. How successful was the Republic between 1924-1928? One of many sets of model answers for IGCSE History (CIE) that can be accessed here: