Left-wing and Right Wing: Which are you?

Left-wing and Right Wing: Which are you? [online simulation] Students complete the computer questionnaire, which will provide them with some initial suggestions about whether they are Left- or Right-Wing. This can be completed in class, or set as a homework activity. Students are then asked to complete a Triangle Nine Template by completing the following steps: “Step 1:…

Voting Systems: Which is the most truly democratic?

This stand-alone assembly resource was something I put together when the school was preparing to hold student council elections. It highlights some of the essential problems with the whole nature of democracy and how votes should be interpreted.

PSHCE Politics – Extremist political ideologies

This worksheet questionnaire develops from the earlier work on Left- and Right-Wing ideologies by getting students familiar with Fascist and Communist views on the same policy areas. There is a completed teacher version available.

PSHCE Politics – Design your ‘ideal state’

In this lesson, students take the ideas and principles they are now familiar with and use these to design an ‘ideal state’ by considering such things as the ideal age for voting, the benefits and disadvantages of having a monarchy, and so on. Plenty of room here for group work and spirited debate!

Are you Left or Right Wing? – Computer Simulation

Computer Simulation: Are you Left- or Right-Wing? This worksheet accompanies the computer simulation and guides students through a series of questions and asks students to choose the point of view they agree with most. At the end of the simulation the computer provides them with a breakdown of how far their decisions were Left- or…

2010 | Who should you vote for in the UK general election?

CLICK HERE for an interactive simulation to help you decide which party to vote for in the 2010 UK General Election. Rank 10 key issues by order of preference, then decide which party most closely reflects your own views on those issues. You will then be given a profile based on your feedback which suggests…

Are you Left-Wing or Right-Wing? – Simulation

This brand new interactive simulation is designed for use within Government and Politics lessons, or as a PSHE activity. The simulation lasts 15 minutes, and the follow-up activities a similar amount of time.

Head2Head Worksheets

I have uploaded two worksheets to accompany the Head2Head Virtual Interviews. These are designed to work “off the shelf” and provide focus and direction to students conducting their virutal interviews with Hitler, Henry VIII, Martin Luther King, Dr. Fox and Stalin. 1. Newspaper Interview Task 2. Truth or Fiction Task

History Shop

It’s with a great sense of relief that I’ve finally launched the ActiveHistory History Store – a massive repository of history books, history CDs and history DVDs available from Amazon, organised by date period and by genre (historical fiction, popular history, history study books, history dvds). There are hundreds of resources available here which I…

Government and Politics: Pressure Groups

Site Redesign Redesigned the AS Government and Politics Pages. AS Government and Politics: Pressure Groups AS Government and Politics: Pressure Groups Why do Pressure Groups succeed or fail? 1. What are the differences between parties and pressure groups? 2. Why is it sometimes so difficult to distinguish between parties and pressure groups? 3. How can…