Head2Head with Henry VIII – Major update

The Head2Head Interview with King Henry VIII has now been updated with a custom-made 3D face. Many thanks to subscribers for enabling me to pay OddCast, the American software corporation, to design this great new addition to the site. I hope the kids enjoy it! (1124 views)

SPLAT the Tudor!

A brand new version of the popular game, now with a high score board – can you get onto the Hall of Fame with your historical knowledge? (464 views)

Early Modern European History: Worksheets and PowerPoints

Uploaded a series of PowerPoint Presentations kindly offered to the site by Mr. Fitzsimmons: Counterfactual History The League of Nations to 1930 Witchcraft Trials in Scotland Tudor Monarchs Phillip II and Elizabeth I Revolts in the Reign of Phillip II William the Conqueror Also, two PDF Worksheets from the same source: Charles V Phillip II:…

Phillip II of Spain: Worksheets

AS / A2 New Editable Worksheet Resources on Philip II   1. Philip II’s Foreign Policy[1]*   2. Philip II’s Foreign Policy[2]*   *All courtesy of Richard Fitzsimmons (1483 views)

Elizabeth I and the Tudor Regime: Work sheets

New Editable Worksheet Resources on Elizabeth I 1. What Constrained Elizabeth’s Foreign Policies?*   2. Elizabeth’s Relations with Spain*   3. Elizabeth’s Relations with Scotland*   4. Elizabeth’s Relations with France*   *All courtesy of Richard Fitzsimmons (511 views)

Emperor Charles V: Worksheets

New Editable Worksheet Resources on Charles V   1. Charles V’s Foreign Policy*   2. Charles V and the German Protestants*   2. Charles V and the Holy Roman Empire*   2. Charles V and the Habsburg-Valois Conflict*   *From Richard Fitzsimmons (801 views)

The Catholic and Counter-Reformation: Worksheets

1. Introduction and Overview 2. The Papacy: Positive agents of reform? 3. The Council of Trent: (a) Background to the meetings 4. The Council of Trent: (b) The Decrees 5. The International Impact of the Counter-Reformation 6. Propaganda and Censorship in the Counter-Reformation (2365 views)

“Bloody” Mary Tudor: Works sheets and lesson plans

Fresh worksheets and resources for teaching the subject of “Bloody” Mary Tudor: Timeline of the Reign The Issue of Marriage An introduction to Religious Policy Foreign Policy Government and Administration (3688 views)

England under Protector Somerset and Edward VI

A2 England Under Protector Somerset – New worksheets and Resources: Interactive WordShoot Quiz England Under Protector Somerset Worksheets 1.  Timeline of the Reign For reference / revision purposes.     2. Key Figures of the Reign Complete with a task.     3. Introduction: England in 1547 76kb 4. Somerset: Character and Style of Government…

John Calvin and Calvinism

Khrushchev: The “Secret Speech” of 1956 WorksheetCalvin and Calvinism – worksheets A negative introduction (pictorial propaganda) A positive introduction (hagiographical propaganda) Civil Government in Geneva Was Church and Civil Government in Geneva a strength or a weakness for Calvin? (596 views)

Play Your Dates Right: Dating Game

Play Your Dates Right Code updated do that all the timelines can be printed off for revision prior to taking the quizzes. (536 views)

Time Machine Journey to Renaissance Florence

;Decision-Making Game: Time Machine Journey to Renaissance Florence A major new decision-making game: journey around the landscape of Renaissance Florence learning about the key events, characters and concepts of the period. Complete with a choice of four differentiated worksheets and a follow-up wordshoot quiz. (1532 views)

Reformation Woodcuts

Uploaded a brand new interactive exercise about Reformation Woodcuts, complete with Worksheet. (915 views)

The Henrician Reformation: Work sheets and resources

The Henrician Reformation Opposition to the Schism Sourcework: Opposition to the Schism The development of Parliament in the reign of Henry VIII The Reformation in Europe Erasmus and Humanism Other key humanists (817 views)