Are Revolutions Contagious?

Like a virus, revolt has spread rapidly over the last few weeks from Tunisia to Egypt, with additional riots and protests in nearby Jordan and Yemen and rumblings that Syria may be next. As alarming as the spread of uprisings might be, the recent chain of events echoes numerous periods of discontent that stretch back more than 200 years.

The Return of Fascism in Russia

There was nothing unexpected about the racially motivated rioting and attacks that took place in Moscow and other cities during the past 10 days…

Scroggie Scrooge was not so tight after all, find historians

BAH humbug no more. The Scottish merchant who inspired one of the most famous Christmas characters of all time is finally to be recognised for his place in literary history. Ebenezer Scroggie was a hugely successful Edinburgh merchant renowned as much for his generosity and jovial nature as his wild parties.

Mummified head is skull of Henri IV, say historians

A mummified head dug up after the French Revolution, lost for a century and unearthed by an antiques dealer belongs to Henri IV, the revered French king who died 400 years ago, leading historians and scientists have revealed.

Custer’s Last Flag Hits Auction Block

The only American flag to survive Little Big Horn will go up for auction today at Sotheby's New York. The flag, one of the few remnants of Gen. George Armstrong Custer's legendary defeat, is expected to fetch $2 million to $5 million.