Drake’s Circumnavigation: Google Earth Flyover

I have just put the finishing touches to a Google Earth Flyover of Sir Francis Drake’s Circumnavigation of the Globe. The activity comes complete with 6 worksheets which you can pick and choose from to use with your classes: 1. Structured Questions about Drake’s Circumnavigation Students answer a series of questions based around a viewing…

Running Dictation Exericse: The Siege of Constantinople, 1453

Perhaps the defining reason why the Renaissance took off in Italy, the Siege of Constantinople is also a great story. This activity gets the narrative across in a suitably exciting way. Complete with suggested classroom / homework activities.

Head2Head with Henry VIII – Major update

The Head2Head Interview with King Henry VIII has now been updated with a custom-made 3D face. Many thanks to subscribers for enabling me to pay OddCast, the American software corporation, to design this great new addition to the site. I hope the kids enjoy it!

SPLAT the Tudor!

A brand new version of the popular game, now with a high score board – can you get onto the Hall of Fame with your historical knowledge?

Early Modern European History: Worksheets and PowerPoints

Uploaded a series of PowerPoint Presentations kindly offered to the site by Mr. Fitzsimmons: Counterfactual History The League of Nations to 1930 Witchcraft Trials in Scotland Tudor Monarchs Phillip II and Elizabeth I Revolts in the Reign of Phillip II William the Conqueror Also, two PDF Worksheets from the same source: Charles V Phillip II:…

Phillip II of Spain: Worksheets

AS / A2 New Editable Worksheet Resources on Philip II   1. Philip II’s Foreign Policy[1]*   2. Philip II’s Foreign Policy[2]*   *All courtesy of Richard Fitzsimmons

Elizabeth I and the Tudor Regime: Work sheets

New Editable Worksheet Resources on Elizabeth I 1. What Constrained Elizabeth’s Foreign Policies?*   2. Elizabeth’s Relations with Spain*   3. Elizabeth’s Relations with Scotland*   4. Elizabeth’s Relations with France*   *All courtesy of Richard Fitzsimmons

Emperor Charles V: Worksheets

New Editable Worksheet Resources on Charles V   1. Charles V’s Foreign Policy*   2. Charles V and the German Protestants*   2. Charles V and the Holy Roman Empire*   2. Charles V and the Habsburg-Valois Conflict*   *From Richard Fitzsimmons

The Catholic and Counter-Reformation: Worksheets

1. Introduction and Overview 2. The Papacy: Positive agents of reform? 3. The Council of Trent: (a) Background to the meetings 4. The Council of Trent: (b) The Decrees 5. The International Impact of the Counter-Reformation 6. Propaganda and Censorship in the Counter-Reformation

England under Protector Somerset and Edward VI

A2 England Under Protector Somerset – New worksheets and Resources: Interactive WordShoot Quiz England Under Protector Somerset Worksheets 1.  Timeline of the Reign For reference / revision purposes.     2. Key Figures of the Reign Complete with a task.     3. Introduction: England in 1547 76kb 4. Somerset: Character and Style of Government…

John Calvin and Calvinism

Khrushchev: The “Secret Speech” of 1956 WorksheetCalvin and Calvinism – worksheets A negative introduction (pictorial propaganda) A positive introduction (hagiographical propaganda) Civil Government in Geneva Was Church and Civil Government in Geneva a strength or a weakness for Calvin?

Time Machine Journey to Renaissance Florence

;Decision-Making Game: Time Machine Journey to Renaissance Florence A major new decision-making game: journey around the landscape of Renaissance Florence learning about the key events, characters and concepts of the period. Complete with a choice of four differentiated worksheets and a follow-up wordshoot quiz.

Reformation Woodcuts

Uploaded a brand new interactive exercise about Reformation Woodcuts, complete with Worksheet.

The Henrician Reformation: Work sheets and resources

The Henrician Reformation Opposition to the Schism Sourcework: Opposition to the Schism The development of Parliament in the reign of Henry VIII The Reformation in Europe Erasmus and Humanism Other key humanists