Lotus diagram templates for essay planning

Lotus diagram templates for essay planning Overview I’m grateful to Shani Hartley for introducing me to Lotus Diagrams. These are graphic organisers that help students break down a question into key factors or arguments and then methodically summarise the essential knowledge that can be used to substantiate each one of these. In some respects Lotus Diagrams are similar…

“Drag and Drop” quiz generator

Simply input your items here, one per line, and click ‘submit’ to create a quick and easy drag-and-drop exercise [sample]. TIP: Split items with an asterisk to create a quiz with a fixed left-hand column, as in: July 1916 * Battle of the Somme begins

“Linkage Bingo” to summarise and connect key factors

This whole-class game is a great way firstly to summarise issues of cause or effect, and then (most importantly and most challengingly) to link them together in a meaningful way prior to students producing a written essay. The class will be divided into 5 teams and one piece of scrap paper to jot down ideas….

Using Hexagon Learning for categorisation, linkage and prioritisation

The ability to select, prioritise, categorise and link evidence is a valuable skill that students learn in History. It is also highly transferable to other subjects. Using hexagons is a particularly simple and effective way of developing these skills. Read a detailed case study here. I have created an Online Hexagons Generator at ClassTools.net.  …