McCarthyism and the Second Red Scare: Design a school exhibition!

Design a school exhibition!
The Impact of McCarthyism in the USA in the 1950s is such a rich topic of study that it is difficult to know what to focus on, so I let each student choose their own area of interest (music, film, politics, science….) and then gave them their own exhibition space to produce something in the school corridor. Rather than it being a ‘display’ they have to include questions / tasks (what they called ‘clickbait’!) to get other students interested. They came up with some great ideas (‘Which one of these posters is NOT really from the period?’, ‘Match this character card to the one on display which tells you what happened to them in the Red Scare’, ‘Find the ‘reds under the beds’ badges hidden around school and trade each one in for a sweet!” and so on…