Head2Head Virtual Interview with Mao Zedong

Head2Head Virtual Interview with Mao Zedong | Lesson IdeasThis interactive application allows students to interview historical characters directly! In this way, different groups of students can learn about different aspects of their life and career. There are plenty of lesson ideas to choose from.

Historiography of the impact of WW1 upon Russia

F. Historiography of the impact of WW1 upon Russia As students move towards writing their final piece of coursework, this worksheet provides a comprehensive range of quotes from historians with different perspectives, along with guidance about how these can best be incorporated.

*NEW* simulation: Time Machine Journey to the Middle Ages

“You are a fantastic inventor who has created a magnificent TIME MACHINE. You set the dates for the time of the dinosaurs, but due to a mechanical fault the machine has crash landed in the MIDDLE AGES. Your task is to find the missing pieces of the time machine which have been scattered around this…

The Issue of Marriage

The Issue of Marriage An analysis of Mary’s marriage options and an assessment of her decisions.

Mary I: Timeline of the Reign

Timeline of the Reign An essential overview, with students encouraged to formulate their own questions for further research.

Somerset: Conclusion and Debate

Somerset: Conclusion and Debate Students are presented with detailed points and then use these to prepare for a classroom debate.

The 1549 Rebellions

The 1549 Rebellions An online presentation designed to be delivered as a lecture.

1066 – Factual Test

The Battle for the throne: 1066 [Interactive simulation] | Factual Test A decision-making simulation as King Harold – will you survive the challenges to your throne? This is a major activity that should keep students busy for at least a couple of lessons (they are even given a certificate with a score at the end that could…

Wild West – Factual Test

Online Simulation: Fame and Fortune – A Wild West Adventure! | Factual Test In this major online simulation, which can be played over several lessons (my students took three hours), students take on the role of a pioneer eager to find fame and fortune by heading into the “Wild West”. By completing a detailed worksheet as they proceed, and…

Red Scare: PowerPoint Presentation

The Red Scare: Classroom simulation! In this educational simulation, students each research a different character secretly. One of them was a genuine communist, the rest were innocent of the charges. Then, after each one is interrogated (HUAC style!) by the teacher, students have to organise themselves over several rounds into different groups in an attempt…

Red Scare: Factual Test

Red Scare = Individual Research Phase > Factual Test This pack provides detailed information and suggested areas for research. Students choose a range of themes from those suggested and conduct their own research to help them prepare their essays. There is also a factual test for students to test their knowledge of this material.

Bayeux Tapestry Slideshow

Bayeux Tapestry Slideshow The lesson could start by watching a Bayeux Tapestry Animation on YouTube. Then, view a series of interactive images from the Bayeux Tapestry with analysis of their meaning. Designed to be used to help teachers in a feedback session after students have completed the worksheet accompanying the game above. There is a…

New Simulation: Voyages of Discovery

This newly recoded game will teach students about the “Voyages of Discovery” of the 15th century. These daring overseas adventures marked the beginning of globalization and European empire-building. Countries like Portugal, Spain, Holland and Britain competed for access to the riches that came from the spice trade with the “Far East”. You will seek your…

PSHE Peacekeeping: What makes a great peacebuilder?

What makes a great peacebuilder? Each member of the class will be given the name of an acclaimed peacebuilder from the following list. Using any sources available to you, answer the following questions. 1. What did your peacebuilder accomplish? 2. With whom did they work to build peace? 3. What strategies did they use to…

PSHE Peacekeeping: Quotes on Conflict and Conflict Resolution

Quotes on Conflict and Conflict Resolution Each member of the class will be given a quote from this list. Find an image of the author. Using a tool like www.canva.com, produce your own poster consisting of the quote and an image of the author. Research how what the author did in their life and work…

PSHE Peacekeeping: Competition versus Collaboration

Competition versus Collaboration This activity allows students to explore the concept of competition versus collaboration and to understand that conflicts are easier to manage when the people in conflict work together, trust one another, and strive to maintain their relationship.

Korean War: Visual essay-writing exercise

I love it when the students teach each other. Today, this exceptional group of HL historians at the International School of Toulouse drew together their studies of the Korean War by working together to categorise, link and annotate 25 political cartoons to create a ‘gallery walk’. The product was a superb piece of display and…

Regency England: Fling the Teacher Quiz

End of Unit Quiz I give students 10 minutes at the start of the lesson to try to complete the quiz. Anyone completing the quiz within the available time gets a score based on the amount of minutes left on the clock. They can then move on to the first lesson task, whatever that happens…

Why did the Gallipoli campaign fail?

Why did the Gallipoli campaign fail? This introductory multimedia presentation is followed by using these 27 sources to complete the group work task outlined in the final slides. Suggested follow-up activities are also provided.

Time Travel Holiday Package to Regency London

Time Travel Holiday Package to Regency London In this competitive activity, the class is arranged into groups and each one has to design a ‘Time Travel Holiday; package to Regency England, designed to appeal to a wide range of customers. Each group has to choose a different set of locations and people drawn from the simulation,…

*NEW* Simulation – Regency London: The Coronation Quest!

Regency London: The Coronation Quest! [interactive simulation]: Workpack | Extension Tasks “In this game, your mission is to get an invitation to attend the coronation of King George IV in 1821. To succeed you must talk to various people and trade different objects. In the process you will learn all about this fascinating period of British history. Use what…

The Atomic Bomb: Was America right to use it?

The Atomic Bomb: Was America right to use it? | Teacher answer sheet In 1945 Dr. Farrington Daniels asked 150 scientists working on the atomic bomb how they thought it should be used. They were given 5 options. Students debate these before being told what was actually decided. Did they agree?

French Revolution Simulation – updated

I have updated the Causes of the French Revolution Simulation [part 1] with further video clips and a brand new worksheet, which now comes complete with a teacher answer sheet.

D-Day: Timeline Analysis

D-Day: Timeline Analysis Students are presented with an online newsfeed which reveals the events of D-Day, step by step. They use this information to make detailed notes in the worksheet, which comes complete with follow-up questions and research tasks.

Religious Changes, 1536-47

Religious Changes, 1536-47 Detailed investigation to determine the motives which lay behind these radical reforms.

How healthy was the Pre-Reformation Church? Investigation of the Historiography

How healthy was the Pre-Reformation Church? Investigation of the Historiography Although the Henrician Reformation is often seen as a ‘revolution from above’ led by Henry and his minions, historians also consider how far the Church itself was already on the verge of collapse, and how far this therefore made the monarch’s task easier.

Who was the most important character in the Henrician Reformation?

Who was the most important character in the Henrician Reformation? Historians often argue about the importance played by individuals in historical events. Some claim that they merely crystallise forces and trends which already exist; others say that they can actually pull society in a totally new direction. In this activity you will learn more about…

Causes and Course of the Henrician Reformation, 1527-35

Causes and Course of the Henrician Reformation, 1527-35 It is 1527. You are Sir Thomas de Tart, an advisor to Henry VIII of England. The King wants to get rid of his wife, Catherine of Aragon. Your job is to give him good advice when he faces difficult decisions. If you do a good job,…

Key Events, 1533-36

Key Events, 1533-36 By the beginning of 1533 the English Clergy had now been brought to heel but the King had not established formal independence from Rome. That was the next phase of events.

Timeline of the Henrician Reformation, 1515-29

Timeline of the Henrician Reformation, 1515-29 The early years of Henry VIII’s reign gave no indication of the dramatic upheavals in religion which would ultimately take place. He appointed a Cardinal as his Chief Minister, went on pilgrimages and wrote a book in defence of Catholicism against Luther, for which he gained the title of…

Wolsey: the church

Wolsey: the church Comprehensive information sheet and structured questions.

Field of the Cloth of Gold

Field of the Cloth of Gold Interactive Sourcework Exercise. Students should use what they learn to answer the question “What was the Field of the Cloth of Gold and what was its significance?”:

Reformation Statutes, 1533-36 | teacher notes

Reformation Statutes, 1533-36 | teacher notes For each extract, identify its main provisions, and the justification / authority for these policies in another. Fill in the boxes under each. Using your timeline of events from the earlier lesson, see if you can determine which Act each extract comes from. Write this into each of the yellow boxes.

Why did Wolsey rise to power?

Why did Wolsey rise to power? Read through the first paragraph and come up with a one-word subheading which you think summarises the point it is making about Wolsey. Repeat the process for the other paragraphs.

What was Wolsey like?

What was Wolsey like? A selection of sources from historians and contemporary witnesses, with structured questions.

QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator

*NEW* – QR Treasure Hunt Generator – updated and relaunched! Get students using their mobiles to move and to learn!Students hunt around school scanning QR codes to get quiz questions.They get points for each question copied down and answered correctly.Great as a team challenge, a school competition or an extension activity!

Why did youth protest counterculture movements develop in the USA, and how successful were they in realising their objectives?

A new study unit for IBDP History. The 1960s saw the emergence of a ‘counterculture’ as young people in particular rebelled against traditional values and ways of life. The conditions for the emergence of this counterculture are varied and complex, and include such things as:Economic wealth and educational opportunities gave the post-war ‘baby boom’ generation in the US…

Japan in the Edo Period – A Time of Culture

Japan in the Edo Period – A Time of Culture The Edo period brought stability to Japan. As violence and warfare became a thing of the past, Japan’s arts and culture began to thrive under the leadership of a series of Emperors and their Shoguns. Because the Edo period also saw Japan rejecting foreign influence and isolating itself,…

What sorts of things could get me into hell? – The Seven Deadly Sins

What sorts of things could get me into hell? – The Seven Deadly Sins [teacher-led presentation version]In this activity students will learn about, and connect, the seven deadly sins. They will also learn about which particular punishments are associated with each of these sins. They will then write a dialogue between two people that can…

US Presidents and Latin America, 1945-1980

US Presidents and Latin America, 1945-1980A comprehensive revision aid outlining the impact of each US President between Truman and Carter upon key countries in Latin Ameria.