Create an editable timeline from any Wikipedia article!

This is a new addition to ActiveHistory’s sister website, input any search term, and then obtain an interactive timeline based on the Wikipedia article it corresponds to. You can then edit the timeline and save it for your own use in the classroom!

*NEW* Diamond 9 Diagram Generator on ClassTools

For my fellow teachers – I’ve just launched this new HTML5 template on my ClassTools website to replace the earlier Flash-based version. It works well on mobile devices as well as laptops. Hope you find it useful šŸ™‚

Image Hotspot Generator

Here’s a new Image Hotspot Generator at which I’ve created to allow you to quickly annotate images and embed them in your website or blog.

Image Reveal Tool

A new classroom resource I’ve launched over at

New Generator: Online Image Annotation Tool!

I’ve just finished coding a new online image annotation tool over at which allows you to quickly label images (e.g. political cartoons, works of art, historical photographs) with ‘hotspots’ and then save your work to the server / embed it into your own blog or website.

SMS Generator: Create an imagined text conversation between two characters

Create an imagined text conversation between two characters In order to highlight the differing viewpoints of two historical characters, or to consider more closely the relationship between them, produce an imaginary dialogue between them in the form of a text-message conversation. Start by asking students to identity some of the central dramatic moments within the…

Answer Buzzers for Revision Quizzes

A quick search for “Answer Buzzers” on Amazon will provide you with a link to something like this. They are a great way of adding a bit of fun to team revision quizzes with the teacher in the hotseat as the quizmaster!   Taking it further In team quizzes, I usually nominate one person in…

Create a ā€œFakebookā€ Profile for a key character

When researching a key character, students could frame and present their findings by creating a fake ā€œFacebookā€ profile using the Fakebook application at ClassTools. Using this tool, students can create a timeline of a personā€™s life, written in the first person and in the present tense (to help prevent ā€˜cut and pasteā€™ syndrome). They can…

Create a Subject-Themed Spotify Jukebox

I am a big fan of using music in my lessons. Sometimes this is simply some quiet classical music to help create a calm working atmosphere, sometimes though it is great to have subject-related songs playing as students come into the room or to provide some stimulating source material (e.g. by analysing the lyrics). I…

“Only Connect!”

I have coded this brandĀ new quiz generator based on the popular BBC Quiz game! Provide students with 16 subject-specific terms in a 4X4 grid. Teams have to re-arrange the grid into four horizontal lines of connected terms. They then have toĀ explain the connection between the 4 terms inĀ a fifth column in each row. Taking it…

QR Code Treasure Hunt

A QR-Code Treasure Hunt is a fun, simple way to get students using their mobile devices to continue learning outside of lesson time. Here’s how we set one up at theĀ International School of ToulouseĀ with some guidance on how to do the same with your own students using theĀ QR Treasure Hunt Generator at

Google Hangouts for the Classroom: Quickstart Guide

ā€œGoogle Hangoutsā€ video conferences are a superb way of bringing fresh voices into the classroom from anywhere in the world. It was by using Google Hangouts that my students interviewed Professor Orlando Figes at Birkbeck University recently with great success. Best of all, by choosing ‘Hangout on Air’ you get your video published directly to…