The Mystery of Pompeii: stand-alone lesson

The Mystery of Pompeii | information slips | online slideshow presentation
“Before giving you this worksheet, your teacher will have shown you this image on the screen and asked you to formulate four questions. After class discussion, record these in the table below and note down possible answers (some of you may even KNOW some answers already!).
Your teacher will now deliver a lecture using an online slideshow presentation. For each slide, copy down the information you are given in column [2], and try to formulate a question to put into column [3]. After the presentation is finished, work with a partner to come up with possible answers to record in column [4].
Each member of the class will be given an piece of evidence from this sheet of information slips by the teacher. Copy down what it says here, and then consider if it helps to answer any of the questions we have now identified. If you have time, bring your completed slip back to the teacher to receive a second and even a third.
Now discuss with other people on your table what you have learned, and record answers to your questions as appropriate. Your teacher might then ‘jigsaw’ the groups and repeat this process. End by having a whole-class discussion about which answers are certain, which are likely, and which are possible”