Historiography through events management, Design a Seating Plan for these 18 Historians!

Historiography through events management: Design a Seating Plan for these 18 Historians!

“Here are 18 historians with different viewpoints about the Origins of World War One. Your job is to cut up these cards, read each one carefully, and arrange a dinner party reception designed to ensure that nobody ends up sitting adjacent to anybody that they will argue with too much, but will instead sit adjacent next to somebody or several people that they broadly agree with! Work alone at first, then compare your ideas with a partner and with the class. Stick down your cards on sugar paper when you are happy with your seating plan, and provide a key to explain why each ‘table’ has been arranged in that particular way”.
Discussion points: (a) Where would you seat yourself, and why? (b) If a fight was to break out between two tables of people – or two key individuals – which would they be, and why? (sample piece of work shown below)