How to Organise a Cross-Curricular IB Induction Event

Did we emerge from World War Two a better civilisation?”

A full article has been published in International Schools magazine outlining the IB Induction event which takes place at the International School of Toulouse.

What is the basic proposal?ib

• In the first week back after the summer holidays:
a. Students in Year 12 will be placed into teams and will come off timetable between Monday and Wednesday to take part in a “themed event” involving all 6 of the IB subject groups.
b. Teachers involved in the event will provide a one-hour lesson investigating the positive and negative legacies of World War Two in relation to their particular subject specialism.
c. Co-ordinators involved in the event will then help each team of students tie these various lessons together in an overall thesis which forms the basis of a presentation / written project.

Each of the six teams will produce a collaborative presentation using Google Docs.

These should be regarded as a starting point only. Credit will be given to students who clearly produce an interesting, well substantiated argument and who use the presentation time to ensure that each member of the team has a direct input.