Origins of the Cold War, c.1945-61

Winston ChurchillIf the Origins of the Cold War have not already been studied using the detailed unit at ActiveHistory, the following provides an efficient, effective overview.

Teacher Lecture – Interactive Multimedia Presentation | Student activity sheet to accompany the presentation
Complete with video clips, the comprehensive presentation guides through the origins and development of the Cold War. This presentation is broken up with short video clips and 6 key decision points in the student worksheet which the class has to discuss and reach judgements on (e.g. “Discussion Point [4/6] The Iron Curtain Speech / Stalin’s Salami Tactics: Which of the following two statements do you agree with? A. “Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech accelerated the Cold War. The wartime alliance was clearly breaking down, but this speech finished it off” or B. “Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech merely acknowledged that the Cold War had already begun; its only significance is that it was the first public declaration that this was the case”).