The Iceman, an ActiveHistory Mystery!

BxCRojwIgAEq_zxThis new ActiveHistory Mystery focuses on the discovery of a frozen body, high in the mountains.

It starts with a “CSI” role-play element and was delivered to Year 7 students as an joint induction project delivered in History lessons (led by me – @russeltarr) and Geography lessons (led by Matt Podbury – @MattPodbury).

The investigation concluded with a Google Hangout with Alan Parkinson (@geoblogs), an expert and textbook author on the mystery in question.

The “History Mysteries” lessons are designed as stand-alone projects which each last 3-4 hours. 

Through engaging historical topics, ActiveHistory Mysteries teach skills of problem formulation, deductive reasoning, independent research, groupwork and structured writing.
There is a standard teacher lesson plan and student record sheet / markscheme for each activity.

Here is a direct link to the Iceman Mystery.


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