The Silk Roads: Online Adventure Game

A brand new simulation game, complete with a detailed worksheet and extension tasks, designed as part of my ongoing project to bring more non-European history into my classroom. Students can choose to play as a male or female character, and are placed in a random location somewhere on the Silk Roads to begin their quest, which involves making 11 key trades before returning home to make their fortune:

“You will be a trader on the Silk Roads, eager to make your fortune. You will start in your home town. Your should travel to where your goods are in demand, then exchange them there for fresh goods which are worth even more elsewhere. With each trade you make, your wealth will rise quickly: but beware – travel costs money and there are dangers along the way. You should continue travelling and trading until you eventually get hold of the goods worth a fortune back in your home town. If you finally return home safely with these goods, your fortune will be made!”