Time Machine to the Middle Ages, new location, worksheet, sounds and video

Newly updated with new locations, sound effects, video clips and associated worksheet, and the ability to add a class list so that students can be the starts of their own adventure!

Students should start the investigation by playing this decision-making game for one lesson. They need to find the missing pieces of their time machine, which have been scattered all over the town and village (there are over 50 locations!). As they play, they should fill in the map worksheet and the teacher should, if possible, have some medieval music playing over some speakers for added effect. Offer a prize for the first person to complete the mission! As a homework, students should then convert their basic map into an artistic representation [example 1 | example 2]. There are a range of different worksheets to accompany the simulation, and you can even input your own class list so that students can star in their own adventure!