What sorts of things could get me into hell? – The Seven Deadly Sins

In this activity students will learn about, and connect, the seven deadly sins. They will also learn about which particular punishments are associated with each of these sins. They will then write a dialogue between two people that can be acted out in front of the class:
a. “The Sinner”: You will be going into the Confession Box to tell the Priest all about your sins. You must imagine that you have committed every single one of the deadly sins. You must write a story about yourself in which you will explain to the priest how you committed each of the seven deadly sins. Try to connect these up in a believable story using your answer to question (2) to help you.
b. “The Priest”: You will be warning “The Sinner” of the terrible fate that awaits them in hell if they continue sinning in this way. Use the information in the table above, and the work you did in the previous lesson about hell, to help you write this response.

The following dialogue was constructed between one of my American students and myself. We decided to make it a proper fire-and-brimstone affair.