The Wild West: New Simulation Game!

The Wild West: Cowboys and Indians, Outlaws and Sheriffs!

At the start of the 1800s, the USA was just thirteen British colonies on the East Coast of North America. But for the rest of the century, these settlers headed Westwards to take over the entire continent in a process of “Westward Expansion”, and the dangers they faced created the legend of the “Wild West”.

This study topic is a source of endless fascination for students and a great addition to any school’s History scheme of work!

Online Simulation: Fame and Fortune – A Wild West Adventure!

In this major online simulation, which can be played over several lessons, students take on the role of a pioneer eager to find fame and fortune by heading into the “Wild West”. By completing a detailed worksheet as they proceed, and completing the follow-up tasks within it, they will learn an immense amount about the main people and events and form their opinion on such issues as the treatment of Native Americans.