Calendar for Educators, 2018-2019

Calendar for Educators, 2018-2019

The following project developed from my “History in the News” facility which I also recommend you look at.

1. Here is a FREE printable calendar providing notable anniversaries (multiples of 50 years only) for research, discussion, assemblies and personal projects.

Ideas for student tasks:

  • Choose one event to research further and deliver a class presentation on it
  • As above, but conduct a balloon debate to determine which was the most significant anniversary that month (based on Who? affects a large amount of people / Where? affects a large area / When? has an impact over a long period of time)
  • Design a film advert or meme poster to accompany an event of your choice
  • Create a timeline of what you consider to be the most interesting events

2. ActiveHistory subscribers can also download a fully editable version of the calendar to customise as they see fit.