“Z-A” QUIZ GENERATOR – ideal for lesson starters/plenaries!

A new quiz generator at www.classtools.net.

How to play:

  • Organise your students into teams.
  • Your list of terms will slowly be revealed, letter by letter, in reverse alphabetical order.
  • Students raise their hands as soon as they think they can:
    • EITHER identify what the terms are (for 1 point)
    • OR identify what all the terms have in common (for 2 points)
    • OR explain which one is the odd one out (for 3 points)
  • As soon as a hand is raised, the teacher ‘stops the clock’ to hear the answer.
  • If the team answers incorrectly, it is frozen out of further play and the game resumes.

How to create your own:

    • In the first line of the box, provide a list of comma-separated terms.
      • (Optional): Add an equals symbol (“=”) at the end followed by a suggested answer.
    • Repeat for the second and subsequent lines in the box for further ’rounds’ of the quiz.