IB History sourcework exercise: The Sophiatown Removals

One-hour sourcework exercise: The Sophiatown Removals | Model answers written by RJ Tarrapartheid-sign-whites-only
A full sourcework exercise, complete with teacher model answers, based around the following questions:
1. a) 
According to Source C, why was was there so little resistance to the Sophiatown evictions? [3 marks]
1. b) What message is conveyed by Source B? [2 marks]
2. With reference to its origin, purpose and content, analyze the value and limitations of Source A for a historian studying the reasons why the National Party favoured a policy of apartheid. [4 marks]
3. Compare and contrast what Sources C and D reveal about the lack of resistance to the Sophiatown removals. [6 marks]
4. Using the sources and your own knowledge, evaluate the reasons why there was so little effective resistance to the Sophiatown evictions. [9 marks]

Part of the complete scheme of work to support the IBDP History “Rights and Protest” unit on Apartheid South Africa.