The Apartheid Laws: research, categorisation and prioritisation

apartheid-sign-whites-onlyThe Apartheid Laws: research, categorisation and prioritisation | Completed teacher copy
“1. Read the details about each Act and use these to complete the second column with the correct titles from this list:
Population Registration Act | Bantu Self-Government / Authorities Acts | Group Areas Act | Bantu Education Act | Separate Amenities Act | Public Safety Act |
2. Two of the ‘details’ cells have been left intentionally blank. Conduct your own research on these to complete the column.
3. Add an appropriate captioned image of your choice to complete the final column. Choose your images carefully.
4. Using the list of apartheid legislation here, identify ONE further piece of apartheid legislation passed before 1965 that strikes you as particularly important. Add a further row into your table to bring your list up to TEN key pieces of legislation.”

Part of the complete scheme of work to support the IBDP History “Rights and Protest” unit on Apartheid South Africa.