Black Death End of Unit Projects

The Black Death Cardgame

End of Unit Projects

Option A: Group Task – Design a Boardgame

“In this unit, which starts with a whole-class miming competition, you will design your own board game about the Black Death.
Your game should try to show the spread, symptoms, cures and consequences of the Black Death.
You will play each other’s games and vote on the best ones.
Commendations and merits will be awarded for students who produce particularly creative, educational and effective board games”

This task also makes use of the Causes | Symptoms | Cures cards, and the peer-assessment marksheet.

Option B: Individual Task – Written Research Project

This structured marksheet guides students towards providing a detailed written project marked out of 50.

The Black Death is a popular subject of study with students. This self-contained scheme of work contains a strong role-play element built around a diary that builds up over several lessons.