How far did Medieval Punishments fit the crime?

How far did Medieval Punishments fit the crime?
Students start by considering that “In Western Europe the death penalty no longer exists (in other words, people cannot be executed for their crimes). Do you think the death penalty should be brought back for certain crimes? Explain your answer by considering two sides”. They then consider eight medieval punishments and for each consider how far they were fair given the crimes they were applied against. 
The class then goes back into role for the next part of the roleplay activity. They take a vote on which punishment each of the most “guilty” people from the classroom role play should be given. These punishments can then be acted out (and filmed) or freeze-framed (and photographed – see image.). The class could be organised into groups for this activity and the results shared in a classroom display.

Part of “Could you get justice in the Middle Ages?” – Essay assignment with roleplay activities

In this study unit students will consider several aspects of the Medieval criminal justice system. At the end of each activity they will produce a paragraph concluding. When all the activities are completed, they will join these paragraphs together as the basis of an overall essay project.