Medieval Crime and Punishment, Essay Markscheme

TWIST – The Neck Verse! 
Whilst the class is voting on the punishments to be given, the “guilty” criminals might be taken outside and provided by your teacher with a copy of the “Neck Verse” (this can be found on ActiveHistory along with an explanation about how it worked). A coin will be flipped. “Heads” means that the verse must be read in the original Latin. “Tails” means it can be read in the (easier) English translation (which was permitted after King Henry VIII broke with Rome). A clear reading without hesitation will lead to a surprise acquittal!

Essay Assignment – Markscheme
It is now time to write the essay. Use this detailed mark scheme to help students produce their essay. The teacher may wish to award up to two bonus marks for use of images in the piece (if it is done as a homework project rather than in timed conditions).

Part of “Could you get justice in the Middle Ages?” – Essay assignment with roleplay activities

In this study unit students will consider several aspects of the Medieval criminal justice system. At the end of each activity they will produce a paragraph concluding. When all the activities are completed, they will join these paragraphs together as the basis of an overall essay project.