Impact of the Black Death

The Black Death Cardgame


Video ClipImmediate impact and reactions in Italy

The Black Death Cardgame!
The objective of each player is to get as many cards for their ‘role suit’ as possible.
Peasants: should focus on collecting food (clubs) in order to establish a stable food supply.
Merchants: should focus on collecting money (diamonds).
Nobles: should focus on collecting prestige (spades).
In addition to clubs, diamonds and spades, students need to know that:
Hearts: represent the happiness and well-being derived from meeting with and talking with others. All players benefit from holding hearts.
The Joker: represents fleas infected with the Black Death.

Video ClipImmediate impact and reactions in England


The Black Death is a popular subject of study with students. This self-contained scheme of work contains a strong role-play element built around a diary that builds up over several lessons.