Diamond9 Activity: Photographs of Churchill

Winston ChurchillDiamond9 Activity: Photographs of Churchill
“Cut out and create a “Diamond 9″ Diagram of these images, with the most ‘positive’ images towards the top, and the most ‘negative’ towards the bottom. Explain your choices either in a paragraph or by putting clear captions next to each of the images themselves. TIP: Start by writing your captions next to each of the following pictures. Then cut them out, rearrange them as you see fit, and stick them down as a display piece”.

This detailed, stand-alone study unit is based around an interactive Head2Head Virtual Interview with Winston Churchill.

The unit is designed to be used with Year 9 students (13-14 years) but is easily adaptable to other contexts.

The unit develops sourcework and essay-writing skills, and the outcome is a detailed, structured essay answering the key question “Was Winston Churchill a hero, or a villain?”.