Quotes by Churchill

Winston ChurchillQuotes by Churchill
From a consideration of visual sources students now move towards quotes by Churchill. Winston Churchill was well-known for his speeches and his quotes. In this activity we will look at a number of these quotes, and work out whether on balance they suggest that he was a hero or a villain.
“Read through the following quotes by Winston Churchill (your teacher may wish to divide them between the class, with each student taking several each). What does each quote suggest about the sort of man Churchill is and what he believes in? Put your choice of word(s) in the appropriate column(s). Discuss with a partner / as a class. Reduce the list down to your favourite 10 quotes. Aim to have a balanced number of positive and negative quotes”.


This detailed, stand-alone study unit is based around an interactive Head2Head Virtual Interview with Winston Churchill.

The unit is designed to be used with Year 9 students (13-14 years) but is easily adaptable to other contexts.

The unit develops sourcework and essay-writing skills, and the outcome is a detailed, structured essay answering the key question “Was Winston Churchill a hero, or a villain?”.