Decision-Making Exercise: Was Churchill a Great Leader? – Part 1 (1940-42)

Decision-Making Exercise: Was Churchill a Great Leader? – Part 1 (1940-42) | Student Worksheet

A major decision-making simulation designed to teach students about the major events of World War Two in an engaging but rigorous manner.

“In 1939, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland after signing a non-aggression pact with Stalin’s USSR. Britain and France declared war on Germany. The British quickly sent their army to France to help defeat the Nazis. In May 1940, Winston Churchill became British Prime Minister. Your teacher will start by reading through the first slide in the online presentation. Use this to complete the gaps in the account in the first row. Next, consider which of the two options you would advise Churchill to take. Divide 10 points between each of these options to show how strongly you support each one (e.g. 8-2, 3-7, etc). You will then be told what happened. Highlight this option in bold to indicate that this is what Churchill decided to do. Write further details into the ‘What actually happened?’ column. At the end you should add up how many points you gave to Churchill. You will then have a clearer idea about the main events of the war, and what you think of Churchill’s leadership”.

Part of the new World War Two study unit at ActiveHistory.