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GCSE History: GCSE Crime and Punishment
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Miscellaneous Resources for GCSE History

Interactive Exercises

1. Manic Miner Game. - Crime and Punishment
2. CannonBall Fun Quiz - Crime and Punishment
3. Wordshoot Quiz - Crime and Punishment

Walk the Plan Quiz -Walk the Plank - Policing [external link]


Worksheets / Lesson Plans - External Link

1. Punishments Through Time - A lesson unit from Ian Dawson at
  A Series of Worksheets donated to ActiveHistory by Cathy Warren:

Defining Crime:
(a) What are the different types of crime?
(b) How and why do different periods define crime in different ways?
(c) How are laws made?
(d) Nature of Crime - Practice Questions

  Determining Guilt:
How do we decide if someone is guilty?
  Deciding on Punishment:
How has the range of punishments changed over time?
Nature of Punishment - Practice Questions

The Middle Ages - Crime and Punishment


Interactive Exercises for GCSE History


Hereward the Wake Cut 'n' Paste Activity - Use Word, Publisher and the net to reconstruct the story of this Saxon resistance fighter and produce their own report (c.1 hour in classroom, can be split into 2 sessions).

2. The Murder of King William Rufus - Online activity designed to improve sourcework skills  
3. The Murder of Becket - Redraft the account to detect and insert bias, learning about propaganda and censorship 27kb

Worksheets for GCSE History


Crime and Punishment in the Middle Ages
A kinaesthetic history unit! Students start by considering how guilt was determined in the Middle Ages. They then engage in a role-play exercise where the class acts as a "jury" and the defence and prosection teams have to go through trial by water, battle and fire. Once guilt or innocence has been established, the exercise is rounded off with a consideration of which punishment should be inflicted!


The Peasants' Revolt - A printable worksheet, designed to be used as a running dictation exercise.


The Early Modern Period - Crime and Punishment


Interactive Exercises for GCSE History

1. Fling the Teacher - The Gunpowder Plot

PowerPoint Presentations for GCSE History

1. Richard v. Henry - who will win?
A PowerPoint Presentation outlining the prospects of victory at Bosworth for both Henry Tudor and Richard III. Complete with task.
2. Rebellions against Henry VII: Simnel and Warbeck
A PowerPoint Presentation. Designed to be used in conjunction with this worksheet.
3. Local government under Henry VII - policies common to the whole country
A PowerPoint Presentation. There is an accompanying worksheet.
The 1549 Rebellions
5. Witchcraft Trials in Scotland - by Mr. Fitzsimmons

Worksheets for GCSE History

1. What happened to the Princes in the Tower? - an in-depth investigation
2. Crossword: The Early Years of Henry VII / Rebellions
3. Summary Sheets: Henry VII and the Nobiility / Henry VII and Finance
4. Local government under Henry VII - policies for particular regions
5. Henry VII and the Nobility
6. Wolsey: The Legal System
7. Timeline: The Pilgrimage of Grace
8. Somerset: The 1549 Rebellions
9. Witchcraft - background
10. Witchcraft Sourcework
11. A classroom witch trial!
12. The Execution of Mary Queen of Scots
13. The Babbington Plot: Secret Codes!
14. Should King Charles I be executed?

The Eighteenth Century - Crime and Punishment


Interactive Exercises for GCSE History

1. Interactive Running Dictation: The Fall of the Bastille
An innovative activity designed to help students learn about the opening stages of the Revolution

Worksheets for GCSE History

1. The Trial and Execution of King Louis XVI : Structured debate about whether the King deserves to die, plus grisly descriptions of the guillotine!    
2. The Terror: Students are introduced to Danton, Robespierre and Marat and debate which one was the "most evil"!    

The Nineteenth Century - Crime and Punishment


Interactive Exercises for GCSE History

1. You be the Judge! - An interactive simulation in which you pass sentence on a range of Victorian Crimes and compare them to the verdicts that were actually reached at the time.    

Classtools Arcade Games: Jack the Ripper

3. Fling the Teacher Quiz: Jack the Ripper    

Worksheets for GCSE History

1. Jack the Ripper - A complete project pack for a 5-hour unit    
2. Crime and Punishment during the Industrial Revolution - Worksheet designed to be completed over a double lesson; students are given a series of crime case studies, and decide what punishments they would have given. These are then compared with punishments actually given at the time.    

The Twentieth Century - Crime and Punishment

Interactive Exercises for GCSE History


Jigsaw-Table Exercises
a. What were the arguments for and against giving women the vote? (see too worksheet B1 below)
b. Women and World War One
c. The Defence of the Realm Act

2. In-Depth Investigation
The Strange Death of Emily Davison

Worksheets for GCSE History

1. Opposition to the Vietnam War - 1966 - Muhammad Ali
2. Opposition to the Vietnam War 1969 - Woodstock Festival
3. Opposition to the Vietnam War 1970 - Murder at Kent State

History weblinks for GCSE History: GCSE Crime and Punishment

1. The Newgate Calendar - Dozens of salacious trial summaries, originally published in book form in the Victorian Era.   
2. A History of Violence - Gruesome but Gripping!   
3. Timeline of the Metropolitan Police; the same site has a definition of policing and some case studies.   
4. Crime and Punishment from Stanley Technical School - A detailed site   
5. Crime and Punishment - Excellent series of investigations from the Learning Curve   
6. Victorian Children in trouble with the law | The National Archives   
7. The Luddites - Encyclopedia entry from Spartacus   
8. The Rebecca Riots - KS3 investigation from the Learning Curve.   
9. History of Crime and Punishment Ephemeral Resources   
10. Would you Become a Highwayman? - Investigating the Causes of Crime. A lesson unit from Ian Dawson at   
11. Stocks and Pillories - Some great pictures, and an exhaustive history   
12. Proceedings of the Old Bailey - filled with primary sources, timeline and glossary, with a schools section   
13. Simulation Game - "You be the Judge"; A review can be found here.   
14. Did the Punishment fit the Crime? - A webquest project for students   
15. Outlaws and Highwaymen - Some good primary sources from a variety of periods   
16. Summary Notes - on types of crime, motives for crime, types of punishment. There are also some sample questions / answers.   
17. Victorian Workhouses - A monumental site, endlessly fascinating   
18. Crime in Victorian Shropshire - Sourcework investigations designed for use with schools   
19. The Peterloo Massacre - Encyclopedia entry from Spartacus   
20. Bedford Gaol in the Victorian Period - Videos, searchable database, information - design is a bit "clunky" but the content is brilliant.   
21. The Bloody Code: Who Will Hang? - Lesson Unit from Ian Dawson at   
22. Crime and Punishment in Elizabethan England   
23. Punishments Through Time - A lesson unit from Ian Dawson at   


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