The Cold War in Europe, c.1955-1991

The Decline and Collapse of Soviet Control over Eastern Europe was the compulsory sourcework paper for IGCSE History, Summer 2010.

There is no clear statement in the IGCSE syllabus regarding the date period covered by the topic. However, in my opinion the examination will cover a topic from the 1980s (e.g. Solidarity in Poland, the role of Gorbachev), especially since the main Paper 1 syllabus addresses the questions "What was the significance of 'Solidarity' in Poland for the decline of Soviet influence in Eastern Europe?" and "How far was Gorbachev personally responsible for the collapse of Soviet control over Eastern Europe?". The November 2009 Paper covered Solidarity, so the best bet for this Summer would be something on Gorbachev's role in the collapse, maybe focusing on a particular country such as Germany.

To what extent was the collapse of communism in the USSR the result of Gorbachev's policies?

Factor 1. Internal Problems

a. Political Tensions within the USSR

b. Social-Economic Problems within the USSR

Factor 2. External Problems

Factor 3. The Role of Gorbachev

Revision Quizzes / Resources

Sourcework Tips: Decline and Collapse of Soviet Control in Eastern Europe
A student handout highlighting the main periods, people and events so that sources can be placed into their correct historical context as specifically as possible.

Interactive Cartoon Analyise: The Decline and Collapse of Communism
In this activity, students analyse 5 separate political cartoons relating to the decline and collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. They are then able to compare their answers to a series of model answers. A useful way of revising the 2010 IGCSE Paper 2 Topic.

Fling the Teacher Challenge: Internal Factors

Fling the Teacher Challenge: External Factors

Fling the Teacher Challenge: The Role of Gorbachev


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