Zwingli, Calvin and the Radicals

Interactive exercises / PowerPoint Presentations

1. Collapsible Revision Notes
Calvin and Calvinism Complete with worksheet.
2. Worksheets to complete online
a. Ulrich Zwingli: Newspaper interview A framework newspaper sheet complete with questions which students have to fill in using whatever sources they have available to them (Microsoft Publisher format)
b. The Radical Reformation - Online worksheet A blank table; use in conjunction with an article written by RJT for History Review in December 2001.
3. "Play Your Dates Right" quiz
The European Reformation, c.1480-1560
4. PowerPoint Presentation
Calvin and his Opponents



1. Factual Test: Luther, Zwingli and the Radicals Complete with answer sheet for teachers!
2. How similar were the views of the Radicals to those of Luther and Zwingli? Simple breakdown of a complex question, complete with links to more detailed information about individual radicals by sixth form students.
3. Worksheet: Farel invites Calvin to Geneva Designed to be completed using textbooks and / or internet sites.
4. Worksheet: A timeline of Calvin and Calvinism Information and tasks.
5. Calvin's early stays in Geneva and Strasbourg Teacher notes and accompanying student worksheet.
6. Calvin's Theology . Comprehensive but accessible notes, complete with a student worksheet.


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